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Our History

        Mongolian School of Colorado started in August 2006 as a way to teach Mongolian children in the United States their home language and heritage. The school started with three teachers and two classes with 35 students when it started.  Mongolian School of Colorado offers a way to help the Mongolian children and young people ages 3-16 to learn more and be grounded in a tradition and heritage that extends back for a thousand years. Since 2006, the school has had hundreds of students go through its doors. Many volunteers have participated with the school, contributing their skills and talents. The language and culture curriculum has been continuously improved over the years by our teachers' tremendous efforts and hard work.

                For Mongolian children growing up in different cultures, it is essential that they not only learn the traditions and history of the culture where they find themselves living, but also that they carry on the traditions and culture of where they or their families originally came from. As citizens of different countries, the young people of Mongolian ancestry can choose what tradition they want to live and work inside. But ultimately they have to be given a choice in the matter. It is essential that the traditional Mongolian culture—its music,  dance, dress, language, arts, nomadic lifestyle, etc—be given to these Mongolian young people. It helps them form an identity, one that will be made stronger and more resilient and they become richer people by living in two different traditions. Mongolian School is the place where Mongolian people can see and meet each other a regular basis. It plays a critical role in bringing our community members together.

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